In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathory


BATHORY were formed in early 83, under the monicker NOSFERATU (after the famous vampire movie) The name was quickly changed to ELIZABETH BATHORY, which a while later was shortened to only BATHORY. The name was not taken after the wellknown Venom song "Countness Bathory", rather Quorthon discovered the name at a trip to the London Dungeon at the age of fourteen. After finding some members, Quorthon and crew started rehearsing and wrote their very first tracks called "Satan In My Master" and "Witchcraft". A short while after BATHORY got in touch with a guy who were doing a compilation album featuring some scandinavian underground metal bands, and asked in they could be part of it. So in January 84, BATHORY recorded the first official BATHORY tracks "Sacrifice" and "The Return of the Darkness and Evil". This compilation album called "Scandinavian Metal Attack" was released in February 84, and was compiled and produced by Boss, BATHORY's longtime producer and manager.

After this comp. album was released, alot of fan mail arrived asking BATHORY for more material, so in the summer of 84 BATHORY wrote the song for the first fulllength simply entitled "BATHORY", and recorded it on 8 tracks at the infamous Heavenshore rehearsalstudio in 16 hours. The Heavenshore "studio" was in fact just a small garage were they had put up some recording gear, very far away from a big million dollar studio, but still it was proficient enough to have the recordings released on vinyl. The album was produced by Boss and Quorthon and released on the Black Mark label in October of 84. The goat on the cover was taken from a horror magazine. As well, in early 85, the second "Scandinavian Metal Attack" arrived, where BATHORY were featured with "Hades" and "War".


In January/February 85, BATHORY went into the studio again to record the follow-up to the first album. This time they went into a big and expensive 24-channel studio owned by Elektra Records. This album got even more Satanic than it's predecessor, and more extreme musically as well. Quorthon and crew were utterly drunk during the recording. The album was released on the Black Mark Label in May 85 and was produced by Boss and Quorthon. The mysterious fullmoon picture on the cover was taken by a friend of the band while Gotland.

About half a year after the release of the album, there were vague plans for a real BATHORY tour. Talks were made about heading the road with SODOM. At this moment BATHORY hadn't got a drummer, so Quorthon approached Chris Witchhunter of SODOM if he could help BATHORY out for a while. Witchhunter flew to Stockholm for some rehearsals with

BATHORY, and together they started to rehearse some BATHORY tunes, and as well some SODOM tunes that Quorthon got taught by Witchhunter. After just a short while though they realized it wasn't really working out, and as Witchhunter as well had loads to do with SODOM at the moment, the collaboration failed and Witchhunter flew home. The tour never happened either.


In September, 86 BATHORY went into the Heavenshore studio to record "Under the Sign of the Black Mark" (originally titled "Nocturnal Obeisance") which saw the light of day in May 87 on the British Under One Flag Label. The album was as well released on license in the states by New Renaissance Records. Once again the album was produced by Quorthon and Boss. The album cover was shot at the Stockholm Opera, in a hurry in between two acts of "Carmen". A swedish body-builder champion was hired in for the photosession and took place on the great stage, in front of the big mountain scenery, while wearing a got mask. The whole picture originally featured loads of fire and smoke, and even some nude women, but was cut away in the end, and only half the picture was used for the cover. Anyway, it was about this time Quorthon started planning for a spectacular BATHORY liveperformance video which unfortunately never got into reality, but the plans were to hire a big military field, build a enourmous outdoor stage, which was said to so big it would také several minutes to run from one side to the other. A drumset with 18 (!) bassdrums should have been used as well as tons of fire, pyrotechnics and smoke.


Originally supposed to be a double album, but shortened down into one album, "Blood Fire Death", was recorded over a period of almost one year, (87-88) back and forth in the Heavenshore studio. The Original title was "Blood on Ice", and was originally going to feature one LP with speed/trash orientated material, and one LP with epic/gothic type of material. Anyway, due to that it would get to expensive, BATHORY abandoned the plans for a double album and picked out eight of the songs from these sessions and renamed the album "Blood Fire Death". It was released in October 88 on the Under One Flag label. The remaining songs from those sessions is what the now released "Blood on Ice" album mainly consists of. As well as two songs from the "Hammerheart" album, that was originally going to be on this album. During late 87 BATHORY did some recording sessions with only speed stuff which they called "Requiem" but has nothing to do with the now released album with the same title. Most of this stuff has not yet been released, only "Crawl to your Cross", and "Burnin' Leather" which appeared on the Jubileum 1 & 2 CD's.

Ok, this was a short history over the early and most interesting years... We could go on for the next albums also, but this is what we feel is the most important in the history of BATHORY. So we'll leave you here. The rest of the story you probably know anyway...

This biography was taken from CD booklet "In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To BATHORY".

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