1988 Bathory Biography

Blood for all tears shed
And Fire for Hate
Death for what shall become
all false ones fate


BATHORY-the most evil group you will ever hear are from Sweden. They are thought by many to be one of the world's premier Death Metal bands.

Their first two albums "Bathory" and "The Return" were only previously available in Sweden but since their signing to UNDER ONE FLAG in 1987 all their albums are now available worldwide.

Formed in March '83 main man QUORTHON and two friends set out to form a band just to let off a lot of steam and have fun. No-one took it too seriously and they messed about playing cover songs.

QUORTHON kneew Boss from Tyfon Grammofon and they persuaded him to let them record two tracks for the "Scandinavian Metal Attack" compilation album he was putting out. Shortly afterwards the band split up because QUORTHON wanted to play faster metal than the other members. Since then BATHORY has been through many line-up changes because it was not until people had joined the band for a couple of months that QUORTHON decided they were not suitable.

Meanwhile Boss had contacted QUORTHON asking him to record a full lenght album due to the fact that the tracks BATHORY had recorded for the compilation album were recieving a lot of fan mail. Still unable to find suitable members for the band QUORTHON decided to work on his own, being self taught on most instruments; he played drums from the age of 9 and guitar and other instruments from the age of 15.

So on the first two albums BATHORY has consisted of only QUORTHON and on the third album "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark", features an unknown drummer.

It is not until now on BATHORYs latest album BLOOD FIRE DEATH that the band has at last found a stable line-up. On bass is Kothaar and on drums Vvornth. Both are Swedish and all other details have been kept a secret!

Plans to play live have so far been thwarted. Quorthon's plans of torture, breath of fire with a smashed guitar and vomit blood, plus the usual bombs and stage effects which spew out five foot flames, have failed to appeal to club owners. He was once quoted to have said that he would 'slay a lamb on stage' as a part of his show but it was only a crazy thought with no serious intent.

QUORTHON admits to not taking himself too seriously.. "on stage I am the Evil One but out on the streets I'm just Anybody".

This biography was written by Under On Flag. It contains a few errors which Quorthon made me aware of:

This biography was taken from Twilight

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