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Quorthon wrote down the answers to this interview March the 6th. Many thanks to you Quorthon, for taking time to answer my questions. /The Twilight Webmaster.

What's happening in the BATHORY camp at the moment?

At the moment just about nothing. There are plans to begin recording a new album this spring of '98. But we have no recording dates or release dates as of yet.

Tell us about the new album, what will it sound like? Album/song titles?

I have no idea what the new album will sound like or what the title may be. As far as any song titles are concerned, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to that. Seriously, I have a lot of material written. It ranges from slow, heavy, fast, brutal, atmospheric, epic and you name it. So it may very well will be a tough job putting an album together. We have done virtually everthing on album before. There's no way one would want a new BATHORY album to sound like the previous one or copying a specific style, so I guess there would be a new approach while at the same time at least trying to make it sound like BATHORY.

BATHORY celebrates its 15th birthday in March. Any plans to celebrate these 15 years?

We were toying with the idea of putting together a sort of a box with a lot of goodies in it. Stuff like a book with sort of a biography and some photos, a special 15th Anniversary shirt and a double CD with a lot of special stuff on it. But just imagining the immense load of work putting it all together sort of took the spirit out of me. I would rather spend the energy on making the material for the next album as good as possible. (I have to say the box thing sounded very interesting though, especially the double CD /Ed.)

What's happening with that big BATHORY book you've mentioned in interviews, will it be published?

Well, actually I started to write a BATHORY-book about a year and a half ago. I looked through all my personal notes from even shortly before BATHORY was formed to be exact when it came to details in the history of the band. When "Blood on Ice" was released it had sort of a compact version of a complete BATHORY-bio intertwined with the story behind the Blood on Ice-saga and the recording of Blood on Ice. I thought that it would make a lot of fans very happy to be able to read my own words talking about some moments in the history of BATHORY, so you can imagine my surprise when I recieved a lot of fan mail from people being very angry and annoyed that I told all the world so much stuff. They felt it was like killing the myth behind the band a bit. They didn't want to hear things like how I would stand to my knees in washing-powder boxes while doing the vocals on most early albums or how we would do this or that. To them it was like showing no respect to the BATHORY-legend. Like if KISS would have taken off their make-up back in '78 or something. So I decided that perhaps it may be way too early to write a book on BATHORY and that maybe I'd better wait at least ten years or so before I sit down and continue the story.

Will the album "Requiem", which was recorded in 1989, ever be released? Please say it will!

The recording session that went under the working-title "Requiem" in 1989 was never completed and only 2 or 3 songs ever reached a stage where we laid down vocals. Then in '93 one of several songs I had written during a period of time, was named "Requiem" and it just turned out naturally to also title the entire album "Requiem" since no other suggestion, as far as a album-title was concerned, was any bit more exciting or inspiring. All the great masters (Mozart-although he's not a favourite of mine-and Berlioz to name but a few) have written one or several Requiems-meaning "Music for the dead"- so we figured why not BATHORY. That was the idea. Not just Death Metal but also music for the dead. Some of these songs were not even kept but erased. "Crawl to your cross" was kept as a rough-mix on tape and we brought it back to the studio in '92 to try to clean up the shit. It doesn't sound too well and it is not a complete recording, it contains only guide-line vocals and a demo-setting actually, but it is at least one of the few things remaining from this aborted session.

"Burnin'Leather" and "Rider At The Gate Of Dawn" were recorded in October 1987, according to the information on the two Jubileum Volume albums, are there any more songs from that session? For which album were they recorded?

I have no clue as to what's on the tapes that hasn't been used. I know we used to spend some time recording cover songs for fun some times and there may be different versions of songs on some tapes. But I see no reason at all to even care. If it didn't turn up on the albums in the first place it can't be any good stuff at all.

You have said in interviews that BATHORY has consisted of you and a friend of yours who handles the drums since 1986. The drummer is Vvornth right? Has he played on all BATHORY albums since "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"?

No. The guy who picked the name Vvornth was helping me out in the studio during the recording of "Blood Fire Death" and some times on other stuff as well. On "Requiem" we had a different drummer. On "Hammerheart" and "Twilight of the Gods" we used mostly drummachine. On "Octagon" I used a guy who I would also like to use on this next album. Except for "Blood Fire Death" I have been playing bass on all albums from "The Return" and right up until now. I played most of the bass on "The Return" as well. Regarding "Under the Sign", I am actually not sure if Vvornth played drums on that one, I think most of the time we mixed a drummachine with real drums, but I can't remember who played the basic drums on "Under the Sign". As you can see, not even I am sure who played what and when and for how long or if what one guy may have played was actually kept on tape or erased and replaced. The important thing for us in those days was to get the shit down on to tape and to have fun. We never looked at BATHORY as a band but as sort of a hobby. To me personally it makes little sense in even trying to keep track on this shit, what matters is the music. You don't care who sucks your dick as long as she swallows, right!? (That's right! /Twilight)

Speaking of musicians, who's the bass player in the "One Rode To Asa Bay" video, Kothaar?

He was in the circle of BATHORY for only a very short time, probably not even six months. The name Kothaar has been used by at least ine more guy who I thought at the time could make a great bass player for the band.

What about the current line-up? What happend with that Jazz drummer?

I am just right now talking to this guy who played the drums on "Octagon". He is educating himself to become an architect and really has a lot of studying to do, so whenever the university stuff is over for him or when there's a low in material of studying for him, I am hoping we can work something out for the next album this spring.

Something interesting to tell about the covers for "Requiem", "Octagon" and "Blood On Ice"?

The cover picture for "Requiem" is a snapshot of a massgrave somewhere. I found the picture in a book on executions and massgraves. Since the title of the album was "Requiem" (Music for the Dead) I figured it would make sense to have some dead people showing up on the cover. The cover on "Octagon" is very simple. A black slate-stone showing a Octagon-star written in pigs blood. The cover for "Blood on Ice" is a painting by Christian Wahlin. When we were planning on completing the "Blood on Ice" session way back in the late '80s I went to New York and asked Boris Vallejo to paint the cover. But he wanted a load of money for the job. When we dug up the idea of putting "Blood on Ice" together again, due to all the fan mail asking for it, the only person who could do the job the way we wanted it was Christian. So I wrote him included some details and requests and explained the whole saga and he came up with a fucking great painting. I didn't want to put the logo on top of that, but on the vinyl version a year later, they did put a logo on it anyway.

You recorded a demo in 1983. What songs were on it?

I don't think one could actually call them Demo's, but yes, there were a lot of tapes recorded for fun in those days. We never sent any stuff to any record companies though, coz we thought nobody would care anyway. Some of the titles I remember are; Witchcraft, Satan is my Master, Die in Fire, I don't give a Fuck, Dirty Woman, Sacrifice, The Return of the Darkness and Evil, Live and Die in Sin, Armageddon, even Possessed I believe was done on tape in early '84 if I remember correctly.

Finally I want to thank you for taking time to answer all these questions. As you know, this interview will be published on my BATHORY Web page, so BATHORY fans all over the world will be able to read this interview. End it by saying whatever you like to the fans!

I would like to thank all of the fans out there for 15 years of great fun and legendary making. They are the legend. They deserve all the honour. I hope all of you still have a feeling BATHORY after all is still somewhat of an onderground band, which is exactly what was always intended. I know that BATHORY still is considered kind of special or odd to to many and that it may not always have been a band one openly admitted to have been a fan of, that was also always the intention not becoming a fashion. BATHORY is though considered as one of the 5 most important acts together with Metallica, Slayer, Venom and Hellhammer when it comes to the birth of the whole circus we see around us today. What BATHORY did 15-13 years ago on "Bathory", "The Return" and "Under the Sign" was the beginning of Death Metal. What we did 10-12 years ago on "Blood Fire Death", "Hammerheart" and "Twilight of the Gods" is considered as the birth of Epic, Folk and Atmospheric Metal. During all this time, the fans have been there giving good advise on what they wanted to hear, what they wanted BATHORY to be like, the fans are as much a part of this as the four winds, Satan, svenskt snus or you name it. Thank you!!

Interview With Quorthon, March 1998, taken from Twilight web-site.

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