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Satyr chats with Quorthon. No further introduction is needed!

"The English man who did that documentary interviewed me in London in 1987. He asked precisely about that since he is a syndicalist, a communist, it's the same. I believe I had just released "Blood Fire Death" and he asked why I was doing this Viking thing and if I didn't believed that this would lead to Nationalism and such. Then I said "it is a fact, it is a historic fact". For us it is a historic fact and a way to get an identity and those who don't know their history cannot manage the future. He commented on symbolism and then I pointed at his arms where he had a red star and a black arrow. The black arrow is the syndicalist's symbol and the red star is Marx, Lenin. Then he said that it was not interesting about what people stand for, but that is an ideology that too. The communism in Russia was not communism, it was fascism. It depends on who you talk to. He did this "The Devils music" and they are idiots, playing records the wrong way and "another one bites the dust" and such".

Yeah, a bit out in that documentary we have "another one bites the dust" backwards and you just can't make out no meaning of it, and then "it's fun to smoke marihuana" comes and especially that Judas Priest thing, "I asked her to get a peppermint".

"It's funny! We have ever only used backword messages on one song and that is on the first version of "The return of the Darkness and Evil", where I recorded alot of things backwords, but it is so low that noone have heard it. But simply because people got into this stuff, so on the LP "Blood Fire Death" I don't believe I mention "Satan" one time. But if you take the first letter in every sentence in the text of "The Golden Walls of Heaven" and read it from the top to the bottom it becomes "Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan". And the same with another track, "Dies Irae". Do the same with that one and this also holds a message (the message is of course great, by the way -ED)".

I have read these lyrics many times and I also think they are extremely good, and it is not only Bathory's music which has inspired many bands, it is also the lyrics. Then we can ask, where did you get your inspiration to write the lyrics?

"It was more a picture in my mind of something extremely unreal. Just take a text like "The Golden walls of Heaven" and try to do a picture on that, a cartoon or something, then it would be very stupid. Demons flying on leather wings from Hell up to Heaven, raping the angels and wanking on god's throne. And the scalp of god is hanging on a spear and the World is burning, it is in a way stupid. The art is in a way to try to make it exciting, artistic, a sort of painting. But this is not something one wants to do. One time I was sitting in Los Angeles when I had a contract with New Reniassance Records In California. I was doing. interviews and then I get the message that the next interview is with a radio station and that is live. About 30 sec. before I am broadcasted I get to know that there are about 20 million people who are listening. And then the people can call in and ask question's, and than there are alot of people who has a hobby just listening to Hard Rock programs so that they can criticise it. So they call and ask if I have read the bible and so on. Then I say that if you read the bible, Matthew chapter 7,8 and 9, it says that if you commit a sin, if you get horny or touch yourself, you must cut off your a hand, if someone else commits a sin you must cut off that person's hand. This is the ideology! Hardrockers or Death Metal Fans have never started a World War or killed a man on the bonfire either".

We have the rights on our side, but to get others to understand it is alot harder

"It takes pioneers to get people to accept and understand what historic facts has lead to, plus that we shall justify our Nordic culture and our Nordic history so that it doesn't die out. If all people think in the way the government want us to think then everything we fight for and like will disappear very fast.

It is a pity that there is always someone who have to suffer in order to get attention to it.

"Yes. We have no authority".

It is the pioneers who have to suffer for it, most of the times.

"Yeah, like Beethoven for instance. He was the World's first Hardrocker. If you listen to his music you understand that people in his time, when he was young, for instance, thought it was too violent. It isn't that bad today. Today you can turn on every fucking radio channel, they are used to it, it is fashion. People find Grunge to be very nice and so".

When you say that I start to think about how things develope, video came into the market and you did a video for a track from "Hammerheart" but it was also the meaning that you should do a homevideo for Bathory. What happened?

"In the middle of the 80's when all bands started doing it, it became cheaper and more accessable, The thing that all bands should do a video was because this Noise label in Germany did video's to all their bands, no matter how bad the bands where or the concert or the public sounded and so on they released a video. The only video's available back then was with Whitesnake, Iron Maiden and those usual ones, and when Black Metal and Death Metal grew up it was natural that we wanted to do a video. In Sweden it was no culture for this, no places where you could play, no public and when we tried to get concerts in Stockholm in 83/84 and we showed them picture's of ourselves and how we sounded, they just said that we weren't allowed to play when we showed up in leathertrouser's, spikes and crosses. It was no chance2 for us to do a tour in Sweden or in Europe. The only chance was simply to:do a video and a theater, use alot of money on effects and everything. So wherever you lived you would have a possibility to see us. The negative side with that was that there where no organization behind Bathory. Whenever Bathory did anything it was I who had to book the studio, get a rehearsal place, everything. So if I had a bad day and only wanted to take it easy, Bathory had a bad day. Everything depended on what I did. If you don't have en organization, lots of money and people who can help you with things, then nothing happens. That video didn't become anything. But then we started to become very. big in the U.S.A. and we sold many records there when we were doing some Viking music to this "Pagan History", the Pagan cult in the U.S.A. is quite spread out with mysticism and Nordic romanticism, symbol's and so. It fitted doing a video, but then it should not be a tucking live video with a band who was just standing there and looking into the camera. It should be a story and the only story which we wanted to tell with our new music and lyrics was "One Rode to Asa Bay". We did a video on that track, it is not a good track to do a video for, it is long, slow and nothing happens; but it had a history which we could stand behind. I invested more than 20.000 SEK of my own money to buy film, a new camerateam, costumes, armor, monkcapets, horses, arrow's, food, lighter effects, everything. When we had done everything, filmed for one week at different places, we did alot of things like pouring alot of gasoline into an ocean and put that to fire so that the whole ocean burned, using that in slow motion. We had people dressed as Vikings, a real Viking picture and everything. We had 14 hours of film and we started to get very little time since I was about to travel to do some promotion for "Hammerheart", a promotion tour around Europe, The person who kept these film's, he who had filmed everything and promised to fix this quite fast and cheap and do it good, he never got back to me, his telephone number was blocked, it was impossible to get in touch with him, so I had to go on this promotion travel and was forced to used a rawcopy of some material which he had done. It was no video but just shoving some scenes which we had gotten a copy of so that we could see what we had on film, so it was not the material that was supposed to be on that film. I became so extremely pissed oft since I had invested so much money, I hadn't slept for a week, I had been both infront of the camera and behind it, carried things and done everything, so I was very pissed off and sad when this video came out. When you pay 25000 SEK and have 14 hours of film and have worked constantly for a week, and you can't even be present when it is done and the other films just disappears, and the only things that still exists is then about 11 minutes filmmaterial, which partly was without colour, some of it were done with a cheaper videocamera just so that we could check things. Then that video came out I was very sad, and I have actually never seen that video and I still don't want to see it if I get the chance".

Why not?

"Because it hurts alot. It is~ like you have written a diary and write alot in that diary and then it is published in a newspaper. It is something very personal, and especially if you invest all of your money and hundreds of hours working and you are really hoping this will be good and you really it, you have alot to tell and then it is suddenly being published. But luckily just a very few peuple have seen that video, I on the other hand is one of those who have not seen it, and will not see it either".

200 liters of gasoline! How did you manage to light that without nothing being damaged?

"We poured it out on a sea. We rowed out in the middle of the sea and poured it out. I think we had 4 or 5 cans. It takes a while before the gasoline evaporates, it build a thin membrane on the surface and it spreads on the water. When we pour 200 liters out on a sea it fills the whole sea and then we threw a torch into it and it burned for about one and a half minute, then the gasoline was burned. It must have been a a. great effect, we went into caves dressed as Vikings with torches and had sun cresses painted in blood on the walls, we had Viking graves. We had managed to get an old movie, probably done in Norway, it was a documentary film about how the Vikings lived before when they had a real Vikingship and not this theater, Hollywood thing, we had filmen runestones, lots of Vikings on horses, monk which came with swords, a big war between christian knights and the Viking people, we built a church and such but nothing of that were in the film, in the finished video It hurts extremely much that this film was released at all, and how that came out I have no ideas nor who sent out the work-copy".

It would of course have been extremely interesting to see it all!

"I think that too. We had done a manuscript and everything. We had travelled around and filmed the best runestones and Viking graves, we had filmed gold treasures which was in museum's after permission from the government and we had filmed thunder and lightning and big black skies that cross the sky. I had managed to get some real Viking armor's from a theater which I worn and on a horse a road up on a top when it was fullmoon and I blew fire, we had Viking fights and actors who were soldiers and knights, it was enormous. Half of the people who played a part here where people I knew, my neighbours daughter and so. She was blond, blue eyed and beautiful. A Viking daughter in a way. However, the reason why she got to play here was because I was going to screw here later, but half of the people who played a part did it for free. They just thought it was nice to do it. The other half was actors and people we had found in a register in a theater".

What about the album cover of "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"?

"Yeah, it is a interesting history about that one too. "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" should have been called "Nocturnal Obeisance". It should be four naked women which should represent the daughter of the North, East, South and West, the four winds daughters which one midnight meet the God of the Earth. That is Deonychus or Pan or when the christianity came it was Lucifer. They meet at an altar by the end of the World and they give their hearts there and they fuck and drink blood and they fertilize the Earth. Then we should have a man who was half goat and half man, strong muscles and goathead and everything. We arranged all this and we thought we needed some mountains and such, so I went to the theater departement of the Swedish radio and ask them if they had some mountains or so we could borrow. I looked at what they had to offer and it was just things used in programs for children. Then I called to the Royal Opera in Stockholm end asked if they had any mountains which we might could rent. He said that just now they had the Opera "Carmen" in Stockholm. In the second act of "Carmen", Carmen will be up among the mountains with the bandits. He said that I could come and take a look, he thought I was a professional producer and then I came there with long hair and and a leather jacket so he said that I could take a look but he didn't think this was something for me. I got to look at it and it was so unbelievable, it could have been 30 meters width and 12 meters high. I asked if it was possible to rent some of the pieces. He said that it was impossible since it was insured for more than 4 million Crowns and it was from France and from the end of the 18th century. It was not real stones, it was material who had been painted very beautifully. But then I bribed him and asked if it was a possibility that we could use it and perhaps build it up afterwards. He said that it was difficult due to alot of organisations but he said that we could come there an evening when the audience were present and go in on the stage and take the photographs. I call a bodybuilder and put on him a goathead mask, I call four girls that I know, very beautiful girls, they undress. They enter the stage, he goes up in the mountains on the stage. The audience does not see anything since the curtains are hiding us and we get 30 seconds to do this. This bodybuilder weights 120 kilo's and he must go up some steps which designed for Carmen which weights about 60 kilo's, so the whole shit almost fell apart. While he was standing there and shows his muscles, blood and the goathead, these girls is on the floor, so we takes as many pictures as we can and then we must rush out from there the fastest we can. When the pictures were produced they were great, this was really going to be on the cover. The problem was only that two days later two of the girls called me and said that they wanted me to cut them off the picture. They were doing some modelling and this was the wrong connection. They had gotten paid, but I thought ok. I cut them off the picture. It is definitely not a painting. We had to center the picture in the middle, take a piece in the middle of it since it is four times bigger than you see on the cover. I have some of the dias at home and they are gigantic".

Interview from Nordic Vision #5, winter 1996
Taken from Twilight web-site.

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