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Better deny your homeland than black metal! So has decided Swedish band Bathory by neglecting his own country, too arid for the furious black thrash metal. The band has found a buyer in his exile land, and British label Music For Nations does not hesitate to release his entire discography at the same time. The new LP makes no exception to the rule and is made out of a black as deep as for their previous releases. One more trilogy for the dark metal...
Even if there are numerous and fierce critics against black metal, one must admit that bands like Voivod, Razor or Bathory are insisting with bravery, despite repetitive hostilities. Indeed, whereas most of the kids are distinguishing no more than a constant background noise on their albums, a few implacable ones find in them some diabolical calling, that gives evidence to the renewal of metal. Hard Rock Magazine offers you the aspirations of the bestial Swede guitarist/singer of Bathory, whose third LP “Under the sign of the black mark” has just been released.

In which state of mind does Bathory get back to the front?

More determined than ever! I've taken a long period to compose very fast and really original riffs, but it was worth waiting, since the result is pure clashing and aggressive thrash metal. If anybody is convinced that Bathory settles for some noise, then listen to the new album, and one will stop assimilating thrash and lack of musical practice.

And according to you, why don't you stop assimilating Bathory to a satanic concept?

The satanic side of our lyrics perfectly fits with death metal, and the special effects we are using on stage – for example when I'm vomiting blood – could not find their place in a different mood.

You are the only survivor of the 83' line-up, so could you introduce your new comrades?

Yes, that is true, I absolutely needed to find gifted musicians for the recording sessions of September. I had found an excellent bass player, but his behaviour in the studio was so bizarre. Afterwards, I've been taught that he spent several stays in a mental institution. I'm afraid he won't be able to go on stage again; he's really crazy! As for our new drummer, he simply is this year's revelation!

Let's talk about the thrash scene in Scandinavia...

What scene? In Sweden, there's absolutely nothing, no bands, no kids! When we are playing over there, we cannot count upon more than two hundred people at our shows. Same goes for Finland, where our friends of Oz are meeting the same metallic desert. It is really simple: I've recently been to the Netherlands, and I've met here so many thrashers that I thought it was another planet, the speed metal paradise!

That must be a serious problem for touring...

At the moment, I you want to play thrash, you've got to go to the US, or to Germany, that's why we cannot afford a costly tour as an headline band. To modestly find a solution to this problem, we are preparing a live video, that will be distributed almost everywhere, even in Japan...

As a conclusion, if I tell you “Sex, drugs, and thrash metal”?

Sex is OK, drugs, I don't use, and good metal is the only way to have fun!

Conducted by Phil Pestilence, Hard Rock Magazine Nr 35, july 1987, France.
Here you can see french original of this interview
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