Hidden messages in lyrics

The Golden Walls Of Heaven

Silently watching gaze
Across the blackened plains
Two eyes like burning embers
Awaits the moment for the
North star to blaze

Sythanagon winged
Angel rides deaths wind
To cloudless sky
And sound a summon call of war
Now burn does the skyline

Soundless wings lacerate the night
Angels of death emerge accross the sky
Thorned heads spiky limbs climb the air up high
Attack of the pearly gates
Now wait for the sign...

Seen now is His star
Ablaze now risen in
The sign of the one with
A numbeer not a name
Now given is the sign

The Golden Walls Of Heaven

Sound is given now of charge
A voice of war does cry
The cry does sound the signal
And the walls are stormed
Now fly

Swords are drawn in soundless flight
Above the walls of gold
The winged angels of death descend
A thousand from above
Now heaven is in its' last throes of death

Sacred shrine of life and death
Apharamons gold key
The raping of holy interior
And all concealed
Now masturbated upon is throne of gold

Scattered battered wings
Along the palaces and streets
Trophy of the victory
Attached to spear of the Beast
Now spitted at is the scalp of God

Dies Irae

Creed of eternal life I swore
Held my candle of life to the void
Risen from the dead I deaths powers wed
In the name of the one with horns on head
Sleep of eternity withdrawn as dark upon
The life of mine drew the very end so near

The price another life the gospel of the
Horned one to spread shore to shore
Eternally his words let hear

Be silent listen to the wind crying out the
Answer to all mankind call from other
Side speach of horned divine
To end your search in hope to find
As sure night divides the day and as sure day divides the night
Raging flames is allthat awaits us on the other side
Doomed the very moment he calls

See his star ablaze his children
On the night the flames reach for the sky
Night is comed to enter the never ending burning fire

Onto you all his word is given
Fear not reach to take his hand

Hear our master calling us his children
Eternal life us given death withdrawn
As wolves among sheep we have wandered
Victory lies beyond their spit and scorn
Even the heavens shall burn when we are gathered
Now when the flames reach for the sky

Dies Irae

In Nomine Satanas

Ink the pen with blood
Now sign your destiny to me

Now in my hands your fate
Onto me your soul is given
My claim thee to join me
In death when the life you're living
Near the end is coming and to
Enter my realms come and grab my hand

Sign my claim with the blood of your veins
And my obligation will for as long
Thee live be to forfill thy obsecrations
A life full of success and riches
Now your wish is my command but
As soon as life is coming to its end
See me wave you on to grab my hand

I ink the pen with blood
Now I sign my destiny to thee

Now in my hands my fate
On to thee my soul is given
My soul will join thee
In death when the life I am living
Near the end is coming and to
Enter your realms to reach for thy hand

Signed is your claim with blood of mine
And thy obligation
The life of mine glows be to forfill my obsecration
A life full of success and riches
Now my wish is your command
And as soon as life is coming to its end
See me reach out to grab thy hand

Into my realms...
Now I see the light The light

Now in my kingdom comed the claim
Of bond of blood commend thee
Master I thee call heed here
I am now take my soul
Now the dawn of the age of flames begins
Enter the jaws of my hellhole

Sacred flames embrace me
And consume my lustful soul
Take the step into infinity
And recieve eternal bliss
Now I burn a child of sin
Among souls burning in this hole
Slaves all to the bond of blood

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