Facts about Bathory

Sources: Twilight, findagrave.com, Wikipedia.org

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  1. Frederick Melander:
  2. Hey Hordes! Just thought I'd drop you a line. If you're interested, I have ever since the beginning wanting to play Bathory live, now I have gotten the great opportunity to do so with Tsjuder, one of the best bands ever, check out https://youtu.be/pmJOcyO2GYo and https://youtu.be/9Ptc5OyHH18
    And by the way, would you mind altering to my real name in the beginning of the Facts section to Frederick Melander, Hanoi and Freddan are nicknames. Hope to see you all on the road live soon! Cheers, and all Hail Satan!
  3. Stockholm Sweden, June 21 2018, 22:59
  1. DeMarqui:
  2. wow!
  3. Brazil, December 20 2018, 08:38
  1. Celtic Frost:
  2. Great Info... keep on Metal... I Love Scandinavian Metal. Hail Bathory & Quorthon
  3. Nicaragua, December 27 2018, 18:15

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