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  1. Erymanthon
  2. Hail the Hordes!
    I am a musician and I am doing my best to remember Quorthon within my music, by taking inspiration from his masterpieces. My project, called Apocalypse, is dedicated to him and to all the Bathory Hordes! I just recently released my debut album and I'm releasing a Bathory tribute this June, to honor our Master in the 15th anniversary of his tragic passing.
    Hail Quorthon! You will never be forgotten!
    In case anybody is interested, here's my album:

    Last but not least, thank you for this website! It is amazing and the pictures in the gallery are exceptional!
    Shall we honor the One and Only Quorthon and carry on Hus memory with pride! Hails!
  3. Italy, January 21 2019, 22:23

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